Services for all sectors of the community...


    Letters of Guarantee

    We provide foreign and domestic letters of guarantee.


    From your stock exchange to foreign exchange, we have them.

    Bank Transfer

    Providing foreign and domestic money transfer services.


    Holding shares in company capital for development of Iraqi economy.

    Cheques Collection

    Cheques collection withdraw on foreign banks is one of our expertises.


    We provide all kind of banking facilities to industrial, commercial, agricultural, contractors and businessmen.


    Our Main Assets Are Our Customers. 

    Secure. Initiative. Effective and Diverse.


    Foreign Transfer Department


    In this department, an electronic balance from an individual or an entity will be transferred from one banking account to another. In this process a secure system, the Swift system will be used to transfer to the beneficiary bank or through an intermediary bank. The customer in charge of this request will have to make a request to transfer the money to the foreign country after filling the form for the transfer, including full contact and address information for both banks (ordering and beneficiary) along with the documents that show the purpose of transfer, especially for amounts above 10000 USD, or for depositing amounts as well.


    For Selling and Buying Stocks


    The investment bank of Iraq is delighted to announce to all honorable customers the establishment of AL- Athmar Company to mediate for selling and buying stocks & shares, presenting the best services to all customers who wish to deal with stocks & shares within or without Iraq.


    L/C Deptartment


    The most effective and important role in serving banks clients in different sectors is through issuing documentary credits for imports, as well as letters of Guarantees. This also includes submission of consultation services in all fields regarding Foreign Banking Transactions to the bank clients within and without Iraq. This type of activity is now limited to the main branch of our Bank, where a pledge is issued for a credit against solid collateral, and the bank undertakes a pledge to pay valued documents submitted once you accept.




    Investment Bank has the following branches located all over Iraq: Al-Haryry Branch Jameela Branch Baghdad Al –Gededa Branch Al- Karada Branch Al-Shaab branch Al –Kamalia Branch Al –Hilla Branch Karblaa Branch Al-Najaf Branch Al- Koot Branch Al-Basrah Branch Al-Sulaimania Branch Al-Emarah Branch- Erbil Branch.